3 Ways To Cool Your Dog This Summer

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As the hot summer days approach, chances are you’ll be looking for ways to keep your dog cool. Remember that your dog has to pant to cool himself, so if you ever think he’s in danger of overheating, cool him down immediately.

Swimming is a great summer activity for your dog, and can keep him cool and comfortable. Throwing a rubber Frisbee or ball into the water will give him something to chase and retrieve. If a trip to the lake or beach isn’t possible (remember, always check that dogs are permitted before bringing your dog to a public swimming place), then you can still have some backyard fun. Investing in a kiddie pool will give your pup a backyard pool of his own.

Ice can be another great way for your dog to cool down in the summer. Freeze some of his toys into a small bucket of water, then present him with the resulting block of ice. As your pet gnaws at the ice, he will uncover his toys. (Tip: do this outside to avoid an indoor mess) Ice cubes also make appealing summer treats, and store-manufactured “ice creams” for dogs can also keep your pup cool.

Finally, don’t overestimate the value of fans (or air conditioning, if you’re lucky enough to have it). If you have a tile or hardwood floor, set up a fan so that it blows air along the floor and tempt your dog to the area with some of his toys or his food dish. Chances are you’ll find him lying in cool comfort before long.

We’re not the only ones to feel the heat in the summer – remember to keep your dog cool, and always provide him with plenty of water.

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