Why does my dog need a Cool Coat®?

Simply put, heatstroke occurs when a dog loses its natural ability to regulate its body temperature. Dogs are unable to sweat to stay cool as humans do. Instead a dog pants in an effort to cool down. The more a dog pants, the more this stresses their vital organs which can result in a dog overheating. If a dog cannot release heat quickly enough from their body, heatstroke can occur.


How do Cool Coats® work?

MustLuvDogs® Cool Coats® use a process of evaporative cooling. Our coats are constructed from an incredibly soft lightweight chamois material which provides easy and effective cooling relief. This specialized high tech fabric is constructed of three layers to provide maximum cooling. The coat is water activated. It absorbs and retains water to provide instant cooling for your dog. No chemicals, ice packs, gels, beads or refrigeration are required.To activate the cooling process, simply soak the coat in cold water for a few minutes, ensuring the coat is completely wet and has absorbed all the water. Gently squeeze out excess water then position the coat on your dog. The coat will feel cool to the touch yet your dog will remain completely dry underneath. This will keep your dog cool and comfortable. You might be asking why does evaporation cause a cooling effect? When water or sweat evaporates it takes heat away from its surroundings. The heat from your dog’s body is absorbed into the coat and then evaporates through the coat into the air. Overall it has a cooling effect.


How long do the coats stay cool?

On average, our coats stay cool for up to three hours or more without having to be rewet. Remember, each dog is unique – just like people.

What is the average amount of cooling to expect?Cool Coat™ on May a Border Collie

When wearing a Cool Coat®, the dog’s outer body temperature is reduced on average by 15 to 20* degrees. The range may be more significant with dark or black dogs.

*As tested with a Raytek® Laser Infrared Thermometer.

How do I maintain Cool Coats®?

When you take the coat off your dog, hang it up to dry. Cool Coats® will dry stiff – this is normal. When you soak the coat in cold water, it will become soft and supple again. Please note: Do NOT use the coat dry. To reactivate the cooling process, simply rewet the coat when dry spots appear. This will provide extended cooling.

Note: I’m still using the coats from 2007 that I made for my dogs. If you treat them with care, they will last for years. Cool Coats® are an investment in your dog’s health and wellness.

How do I care for Cool Coats®?

Pre-treat stains with a stain remover. Close straps before washing. DO NOT use chlorine bleach. Use a mild laundry detergent on the gentle cycle of your washing machine or hand wash the coat. Hang to dry. DO NOT put the coat in a clothes dryer. DO NOT freeze.

IMPORTANT WARNING – Only store Cool Coats® when they are clean and dry. NEVER store them wet in a plastic bag or mildew will occur.

Where can I buy a coat?

You can buy them right here on this website. You can also check our Facebook page to see which shows we’ll be attending. With so many events happening at the same time, we are only able to attend a few each year. Orders purchased from the website will be shipped within 72 hours.



About MustLuvDogs

If you love dogs then you’ve come to the right place. We love dogs. All kinds of dogs. And we care about their health and wellness. My dogs compete in agility and conformation, so I understand  the importance of keeping dogs fit, healthy and performing at their peak. Read More

What are Cool Coats?

Cool Coats® are lightweight cooling coats designed to help reduce your dog’s core body temperature to prevent them from overheating.  Many dog owners do not realize when the temperature becomes very hot, this is a dangerous condition which can lead to heatstroke or dog heat stress.

Whats the Difference?

Our coats are designed for exceptional fit, ease of movement, durability and to provide superior cooling. They do not shift or slide from side to side which is a common complaint with other brands. You won’t find another cool coat on the market that stands up to our rigorous standards. Read More

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