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JerseyThank YOU for coming to the school and making it easy for our students to purchase your coats!

Its an easy product to sell when its good quality and delivers on what its supposed to do. I tell everyone how I took my Golden to a competition in Gravenhurst where it was going to be weather very much like today. She HATES the heat. I put a cool coat on her at 9am in the morning when we got there and while everyone was sweltering in the heat, she was laying in her crate not even panting a little! She got through the entire day of competition with NO affects from the heat! Now how easy is that. 🙂

I will be bringing it to regionals next week. 🙂

Karen Baxter, ABCDT – Good as Gold K9 School

Thank you! Just received the cooling jacket yesterday and tried it today. It came just in time for this hot weather! I got my first cooling jacket for my other dogs years ago at Woofstock. It has been amazing and I tell everyone about it. We recently got a new rescue dog and I didn’t know if she would wear it but she did! She’s particular about wearing things.

Anyhow, thanks again and when we get another dog I will be back to order more! Fantastic product!!

Courtney Young

cool-coat-testimonialsAfter having a few overheating scares we did not hesitate to buy a Cool Coat and are so happy we did! We are still surprised at how amazing of a job it does keeping our Bulldog cool and comfortable, and have not had any worries since purchasing it.
Thank you for the great product that was exactly what we needed!



McGee Cool Coal 002

It was super hot this past weekend. We used McGee’s new Cool Coat and he loved it! It kept him nice and cool while on walks and playing ball.
Thanks again!

Daryl and Marieka


imageWally wasn’t sure at first when I tried the dry coat on him but now that he’s been outside a few times running around in the back yard and I let him get a bit hot and then put the coat on him, he appreciates the relief from the heat. Today we had lunch on the patio and when I said “Wally – do you want your cool coat?, he stopped, waited for me to put it on him and then proceeded to hunt down any ripe strawberries, like he loves to do.
Here he is enjoying the great outdoors.
I also let him show off his coat to Suzanne and our agility class — not that it helps him be less distracted, but I am because we aren’t panting like crazy (I’m enjoying the neck wrap, too) as we wait our turn to run.

Thanks again,

Julie and Wally


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What are Cool Coats?

Cool Coats® are lightweight cooling coats designed to help reduce your dog’s core body temperature to prevent them from overheating.  Many dog owners do not realize when the temperature becomes very hot, this is a dangerous condition which can lead to heatstroke or dog heat stress.

Whats the Difference?

Our coats are designed for exceptional fit, ease of movement, durability and to provide superior cooling. They do not shift or slide from side to side which is a common complaint with other brands. You won’t find another cool coat on the market that stands up to our rigorous standards. Read More

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