The Quality goes in before the name goes on!
A number of years ago, there was a commercial about a Zenith product that has stayed with me until this day. Their slogan was, “The quality goes in before the name goes on.” The implication was that unless the product met the company’s quality standard, the product did not warrant the name of the company. Zenith only allowed their name to be associated with a quality product.

I feel the same way about MustLuvDogs® Cool Coats®. We take great pride and care about the quality of our coats. Our products speak volumes about who we are and what we believe in. Our coats are designed and manufactured to exacting specifications. We employ a top notch production facility who manufactures to high quality standards. Exceptional workmanship and materials go into every cool coat manufactured under the MustLuvDogs® label. Our coats are commercial quality and are made to last. They are sewn on heavy duty industrial sewing machines which produce more stitches per square inch than domestic machines, allowing them to stand up to repeated wear and laundering. We use only “top of the line” chamois plus industrial trim, thread and fasteners in the manufacturing of our coats. Our fashionable trim is used by designers in home décor. Every material used in the manufacturing of our coats is carefully hand selected to ensure longevity and to provide peak performance.

We know dogs and we know what works. Our coats are designed to not only look attractive but most importantly to perform. Function over fashion! Rest assured our coats are very cool looking! Our coat design has taken years of extensive research to develop. We have a registered industrial design on our cool coats pattern. A number of our competitors try to trade off on our design and concept. Some of their advertising can be misleading, as well. For instance MustLuvDogs has trademarked and registered the name Cool Coats in both Canada and the U.S., however a number of knock off companies use this phrase and a number of names close to it to confuse you into believing that they really are Cool Coats. Be very careful from whom, and what, you buy this season.

Exceptional Fit
MustLuvDogs® Cool Coats® are designed for exceptional fit, ease of movement, durability and to provide superior cooling. Our coats do not shift or slide from side to side which is a common complaint with other brands. You won’t find another cool coat on the market that stands up to our rigorous standards.

Easy On and Off
We know how important it is when you have an overheated squirming dog that will not stand still when you are trying to put a coat on them. These problems are now a thing of the past!  We have designed a unique easy on and off closure system. Our fasteners are strong (yet soft), durable and will stand up to frequent use and outlast the competition.

border collie wearing a MustLuvDogs cool Coat™

We decided on hook and loop fasteners because straps and buckles are a struggle to get on and off your dog easily. Buckles are difficult to adjust and frequently slide out of position resulting in straps dangling loosely, interfering in your dog’s movement and comfort.

Maximum Coverage
On average MustLuvDogs® Cool Coats® provide approximately 30% more coverage than most of our competitors. Our unique design provides coverage not only for your dog’s back but also for the front chest and underbelly which significantly improves the overall cooling effect.

Affordably Priced
MustLuvDogs® Cool Coats® are competitively priced and are an investment in your dog’s health and wellness.  With proper care they will last for years. Many of our happy customers are still using coats from my first year of sales in 2007!

Be sure to look for our rubberized Cool Coats® logo sewn on all of our coats. We do not allow retailers to label our coats with their company name or logo. If the coat does not have a MustLuvDogs® logo on it then it is not a genuine MustLuvDogs® coat.

Canadian Made
We are proud to say MustLuvDogs® Cool Coats® are 100% Canadian made!

You be the judge…

MustLuvDogs®Cool Coats®…Doesn’t your dog deserve the very best?

About MustLuvDogs

If you love dogs then you’ve come to the right place. We love dogs. All kinds of dogs. And we care about their health and wellness. My dogs compete in agility and conformation, so I understand  the importance of keeping dogs fit, healthy and performing at their peak. Read More

What are Cool Coats?

Cool Coats® are lightweight cooling coats designed to help reduce your dog’s core body temperature to prevent them from overheating.  Many dog owners do not realize when the temperature becomes very hot, this is a dangerous condition which can lead to heatstroke or dog heat stress.

Whats the Difference?

Our coats are designed for exceptional fit, ease of movement, durability and to provide superior cooling. They do not shift or slide from side to side which is a common complaint with other brands. You won’t find another cool coat on the market that stands up to our rigorous standards. Read More

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